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Tips to save on your travel cost

Travel cost forms a big part of expenditure on a vacation. Travel expenses can burn abig hole in your purse if you do not plan your travel (or even your vacation)well. Planning can save a significant amount of money for you.

Tips to save on travel cost

Travel in low season

Though this is not recommended in usual circumstances, you may consider choosing off season if you are travelling on a shoestring budget. By choosing an off season date, you will not only save on travel cost but also save on accommodation.

Opt for connecting flights

Sometimes a direct flight may cost a huge amount of money. Therefore by opting for indirect flights you can save a lot on the air fare.

Book months in advance


Most airlines offer discounts to people who purchase tickets months in advance. So you may plan your vacation, and purchase the tickets, well before your date of departure.

Avail public transport

Travelling by taxi and car may cost expensive therefore you may opt for public transport. This is also a chance of over paying to cab drivers; such instances are almost nil while travelling by public transport.

Besides the above tips, you may also cut down on your luggage to save on the travel cost.