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Top 5 Things to Do For Island Vacationers

“It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’d been working like a dog”

Stop worrying and take a chill pill! Finally you are about to enjoy the long awaited 7 day break. Have you packed your bags? Collected all the essentials particularly medicines, sunblocks, eyeshades, battery fans and kid’s stuff?  Great! Now what are you waiting for? Oh for the flight!

Top 5 Things to Do For Island Vacationers

As soon as you reach the island what will be the first thing that will strike your mind? Think… Ok let me help you, it will be the spectacular beauty of the serene island…the peace, calmness, the turquoise blue water, the constant noise of the breaking waves, greens, horizon and the bleak huts of the locals. Alright…now what were you thinking of…the meeting you missed. Stop. You are off for a vacation with your spouse, kids, your pet….live it and damn your meeting!

Check the ”Must do Things” when you are on an island

  1. 1.       Swimming:Swim as much as you can in the clean water. Make sure, the beach is safe to swim. After an hour or so in the water sip into some cool breezer of tropical flavor or a coconut cognac served.
  1. 2.       Kayaking:If you wish to go adventurous, Kayaking can be a great way to fulfil the dream. Stop thinking about your work. If it is that important you have the phone in your hand. And don’t forget we are now a part of the global village soon after the inception of internet. Feel free and relaxed when you are rowing on the canoe. This will remind you of the Lagoon, the Joseph Conrad short story.

         3.       Snorkelling: Underwater snorkelling is a must do when you are in an island for vacation.

The top 15 islands for ideal snorkelling are-

  1. Galápagos Islands
  2. Maldives
  3. Uepi Island Resort
  4. Islands of Tahiti
  5. New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea
  6. Bimini, Bahamas
  7. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
  8. Menjangan Island, Bali
  9. Les Medes Islands, Spain
  10. Corn Islands, Nicaragua
  11. Lord Howe Island, Australia
  12. Laughing Bird Caye, Belize
  13. Sipadan Island, Borneo
  14. Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
  15. Stingray City, Grand Cayman


  1. 4.       Deep Sea Scuba Diving:Check out for scuba diving as well.

The top 15 scuba diving islands are-

 The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  1. Grand Turk, Turk & Caicos
  2. Roatán
  3. Yap
  4. Big Islands
  5. Heron Island
  6. Little Cayman
  7. Cozumel
  8. Bonaire
  9. MaayaThila, Maldives
  10. The Blue Hole, Belize
  11. Utila, Honduras
  12. Kailua Kona, Hawaii
  13. Sipadan, Malaysia
  14. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambiquea
  1. Biking to explore the locale: Most islands maintain ecotourism. Try this out too. Instead of driving cars, go for biking. Explore the local villages and the rustic tribal cultures that most island destinations have.

Hopefully, this 5 must do listing will remain in your mind when you will be out for the tour!!.