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Top 5 Essentials to carry during Summer Vacations

So you are all set to move out for your summer vacation! Great. But before you check out make sure you have these TOP 5 Essentials:

1. Buy a sturdy Travel Bag:

Don’t be too particular about your budget when shopping for a travel bag. Make sure to pick up a branded trolley. Besides online shopping, you could easily visit the nearest retail store or mall where they stock the best brands. Definitely, you need a backpack to keep your passports, travel documents, tickets or money besides medicines and other essentials. But a trolley is best for carrying your toiletries, books, dresses and shoes.

If you are planning a family vacation, try and restrict your luggage. True travelers never carry much. Try to get a large bag where you can adjust your kids’ stuff as well. When you have to take a flight, make sure the bag is actually sturdy. You know, the checking in procedures and all can be tough to survive for poor quality bags. So be prepared for it.

2.  Take a pair of cool eye shades:

Just don’t forget to bag your nice pair of eye shades (sunnies). It will be a crime not having those if you are out for a beach vacation in the summers. Blue aviators are in besides the brown and black wayfarers.

3. Please carry a pair of sandals and comfortable shoes:

It is essential to feel comfortable when on a holiday. So besides packing your floral dresses, jeans and shorts, don’t forget to carry flats,especially you are heading to a beach destination. Sports shoes such as sneakers and booties are best for the hills.

4.  You must carry a durable water bottle:

You must carry a good water bottle when you are out for summer vacation. It is must if you are taking your kids along in tropical lands. They might feel thirsty and everywhere you are not going to have hygienic water. So carry some spring water or mineral water from the hotel when you are off for sightseeing and all.

5. Carry Sun Block lotions:

You should have branded sunscreen lotions and sunscreen based all inclusive foundations in the box. Reds and pinks with a touch of peach gloss will be best for lips during summer vacations. Cool deodorants are best for the days and mesmerizing perfumes are must for the evening parties.

Go and have fun this summer!