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Scottish Highlands Witnessed Chaos And Disturbance Due To Gale

The weekend saw a chaotic Scottish Highlands, as winds of about 114 mph brought the entire town down, in the form of jammed roads, delayed or canceled flights, and power cut. Though the whole of Scotland was a victim of the gale, the Scottish Highlands were the worst hit, as the news of the highest winds came from Cairngorms, the eastern mountain ranges of Highlands.

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In various regions of the Highlands, the different speed of wind, affected those lands in different ways. The weather department has been on alert ever since, to provide the neighborhoods with acute warnings. Orkney, faced a complete town black out because of its 80 mph gale, while Glen Ogle in Stirlingshire witnessed a wind of about 96 mph.

The heavy rains added to the chaos, and hit traffic badly as, various lanes were waterlogged and flooded completely. The road A86 between Newtonmore and Laggan, and the one at Pennyfuir A85, were closed because of the heavy pouring, while many roads were closed for the high sided vehicles such as, A9 Kessock Bridge, Erskine Bridge, and Forth Road Bridge.

The winds started on Saturday and continued till Sunday, and ever since the vehicles have been made to abide by the restricted speed limits and especially on certain routes such as, Skye, Friar ton, Toy Bridge, Erskine and Clackmannanshire. And some routes were completely closed, to prevent mishappenings, like the CalMac Ferries , reduced and for some time even canceled their services to Skye and Lewis.

The winds are still surging in the Gaelic Islands, and while the Edinburgh castle was closed before time on Saturday due to the winds, it is expected that the coastal and hilly areas, might witness same windy disruptions today also. The whole traveling routes, on plains, and mountains have been affected poorly by these gale winds, and the entire Scotland is down with bad weather.