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New Year Eve will be multilingual in Sydney

Just like the rest of the world, Sydney is also gearing up for its New Year Eve’s grand celebrations, for which it has planned a theme called “Time to Dream”.

The theme for the celebration, which has been brought into scene by the Creative Director of New Year festivities, Marc Newson, is expected to be a vibrant, lively and colorful affair, with the main Harbor Bridge getting ready to deck up with the words “Welcome To Sydney”, in sixteen languages, including English, Arabic, Greek, Swahili, Gadigal, Chinese, Greek and Russian.

The entire celebrations, decorations and party would be in four colors; violet, representing community, blue for the harbor as well as future aspirations, green for the environment and yellow for the hopes and optimism that each year brings with itself.

The council of the city added that the firework display, which is the most grand affair of the celebrations , is going to be an even bigger affair this year. Technology is supposed to be brought into this dazzling show, and it will be a sight to look at. Only this one event is expected to draw maximum number of crowd, even more than what London, Berlin or New York draws, respectively.

The whole event has been an outcome of a planning of 15 months, and it contributes a lot to the economy of the country, about $156 millions. The Harbor Bridge is not the only place for New Year celebrations, other place are also going to arrange their own events, but they will not be as grand and magnificent as this one. Newcastle, Ulladulla, and Hunter Valley are other places which plan to welcome 2012 with their own firework displays, lots of food and entertainment.

So with this global welcome to the New Year, Sydney encourages people to celebrate, to dream and to aspire , even bigger in the coming year.