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National Strike in Britain may impact Air Travel

A national strike in Britain to start on Wednesday has the potential to impact the operations at the airport and many public services throughout Britain. The Airport Authorities at Britain have warned the airlines last Friday to reduce their services by 50% for November 30 as operations at customs and immigration department are likely to be most affected.

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Norman Boivin (CEO, Heathrow) advised airlines about expected “gridlock” which meant that incoming passengers would be unable to take off and aircraft would not get parking space at already overcrowded terminals.

The hospital services may also be affected and schools are expected to close if strike takes place for 24 hours as planned.

The Trades Union Congress for British Unions expects more than 2 million workers to participate in the strike which is to protest the government plan to decrease $185 budget deficit through reducing pensions and increasing worker wage contributions.

At Gatwick, London’s second largest airport too, the airlines have been asked to reduce the number of arriving passengers.