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Flights delay threat at Heathrow due to public sector strike

The International London Heathrow airport is under severe threat of long flight delays, as the public sectors’ strike next week, is bound to get chaotic, causing gridlock at the airport.

Due to the immigration officers’ strike, the airport witnessed 12 hours delay of the flights, from scheduled time, which is expected to get worse with next week’s public sector strike.

The strike, which is an outrage against the proposed pension changes , is likely to affect the economy as well , according to the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Danny Alexander, who also said that the disruption is something that “we can ill afford”.

The long delays on the flight was tried to bring under control, by the BAA, the owner’s decision, to fly the planes only 50% filled. Though the emergent disruption , caused by the Immigration officers’ strike, was tried to be controlled by managers covering immigration desks, but an inevitable disturbance in the flight schedule is bound to come.

Heathrow is London’s largest airport, and serves long routes flights, from countries to countries, this is making a strong reason for the great threat that the airport authorities are facing. The operating officer, Normand Boivin, also said, that the flights would be delayed and he accused the UK border agency, for failing in their performance of normal operations of migrations through various routes. Boivin added, that this could bring major problems, both for airport authorities and passengers, as neither the flight would be able to accommodate the passengers for such a long delay nor the terminal, which would result in the jampacked terminals, mass cancellations of flights, and route diversions also.

To ease the situation, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, have proposed the passengers, to change their flights , free of cost , that will reduce the chaos.