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Christmas Celebrations in Europe

Though Christmas celebrations have become commercialized over the years, we still like to reminisce the past and get lost in the old world charm of Christmas. A visit to some popular Europe destinations will transport you back in the past and also give you an education in European culture and tradition.

  • Traditional Christmas Celebrations in Italy

Tuscany is the city where you to be, if you have to celebrate Christmas the traditional way in Italy. Here Christmas is in the air from the second week of December. It is on December 8 that the Italians begin their Christmas celebrations in Italy. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Tuscany is a holiday and is marked by several events arranged by the people and the government authorities in different parts of the city.

The Equi Terme caves are also popular for their native Christmas celebrations. The locals here create several objects making good use of their art and craft skills. These objects can also be purchased by visitors who buy them as gifts for families back home.

  • Traditional Christmas Celebrations in Germany

If you are an avid shopper, try the lanes and by-lanes of the German cities to quench your shopping needs during Christmas time. Unlike many other places where prices of objects in shops rise due to the large number of visitors and enthusiastic shoppers, Germany is a country where you can avail the best bargains in shopping during Christmas time. There are traditional fairs which are arranged across the green fields of Germany. These fairs have the same arrangements which were seen in the 14th century and hence are not only a fun visit but also a learning tour of the German history and culture. German markets are a must visit if you are on a Europe Christmas vacation.

  • Traditional Christmas Celebrations in Switzerland

Christmas in Switzerland is all about snow and skiing on the Swiss Alps. But do you want to experience something different in Switzerland at Christmas time? Travel to the border area of Germany and France and sit on the banks of the river Rhine in Basel to see the beautiful Christmas lights lighten your mood. The Basel area reportedly has the longest illuminated street in Europe at Christmas time. The Swiss traditional art & crafts are an added attraction for Christmas visitors in Switzerland. The Christmas season in Switzerland starts by the end of November, when the festivity can already be felt in the air.

  • Traditional Christmas Celebrations in Austria

The one reason why we remember Austria during Christmas time is for the carol ‘Silent Night’. This famous carol comes from Austria and has been our favorite since our childhood days.

  • Traditional Christmas Celebrations in France

Christmas celebrations in the most fashionable country of the world would be a very good idea, and everyone would agree with me, wouldn’t they? A midnight mass is one of the chief attractions of France during Christmas time. The concept of a Midnight Mass has existed in Europe’s fashion country since time immemorial and getting the opportunity to watch this mass is an achievement in itself. The mass is an integral part of France’s history and tradition.

  • Traditional Christmas Celebrations in UK

Visit Ireland if you are on a visit to UK at Christmas time. The candle-lighting ceremony in Ireland churches at Christmas Eve. This tradition is followed by downing some of the best available wines in the country liquor shops. Lights and Santa Claus are also an integral part of the Irish Christmas.

Attractive Christmas Discounts

Christmas is the time for vacation, shopping, good food, and with all of this comes the most attractive discounts of the year. There are several tourism operators who arrange the best discounts for those who love a budget holiday, and even for those who do not! Keep a check on online information for Christmas discounts and avail them to enjoy the cheapest but the best Europe Christmas holiday ever. Here are some such discount packages that you can check out before the Christmas season 2011.

European tour operators Globusjourneys, who have been in the business of providing the best holiday packages to people for more than 80 years now, will take you on European Christmas tours to the best countries in the continent’s heartland. These tours not only introduce you to the best sights of Europe, but also teach you much about the countries’ cultures and local practices.  Here are some packages that you can choose from if you wish to travel to these Europe locales for a 2011 Christmas holiday:

  • Christmas Package in Austria & Bavaria

7 days travel from Munich to Vienna (package starts from $1,229 excluding all airfare for trips from the US or any other country)

You can spend time in the cities of Munich, Salzbur and Vienna in this tour package and enjoy the special Christmas events here.

  • Christmas Package in Munich and Eastern Europe

9 days travel from Munich to Vienna (package starts from $1,349 excluding airfare)

Travel to historic locations of Prague, Vienna and Budapest as part of the tour and learn more about the countries’ culture with help from a local guide arranged by the tour operators.

  • Christmas Package in Paris and London

9 days travel from Paris to London (package starts at $1,699 without airfare)

There is nothing better than spending Christmas and New Year in the world’s most happening locales, Paris and London. Spend the Christmas day in fashion roaming the streets of Paris and dining on the wonderful cuisine of plush restaurants. A New Year’s Eve celebration in London is a treat to the eyes and the senses.

Why is Christmas Best  in Europe?

Have you ever asked yourself the question why people love to spend Christmas in Europe? It is true that Europe is home to countries which have a perfect blend of the old-world charm with modernity. Europe is also the home of the some of the best cuisine in the world. But there are also several other reasons for Europe becoming the preferred holiday destination during Christmas for people from all over the world. Some of them are:

  • The tour operators in Europe make special arrangements to cater to the needs of visitors from other continents of the world, in terms of food and other facilities.
  • Every tour operator makes sure that the tourists can be on a holiday to a particular place when a special Christmas event is being held there so that tourists may enjoy not only sights but also cultural exhibitions.
  • Hotels in all places across Europe are known for their good services and boarder-friendly behavior.
  • Europe has several snow covered regions; for many, Christmas is nothing if there is no snow!