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“China” A Tourist’s Delight

China is a land of contradictions with its state of the art cities and vast sprawling countryside. Its industrialized towns and rural countryside, fashionable city people and simple country folk make up just the right mix of diversity. The varied cultures and flavors of China is what make it the ideal holiday destination.

Having said that, it’s only fair that I enlighten the reader further on what China has to offer any discerning tourist on a mission to explore and experience the oriental land.

“China” A Tourist’s Delight

More than Just Noodles

If you think Chinese food is all about noodles and hot garlic chicken, visiting China is bound to be a complete myth buster. China is such a vast country with people of so many different ethnicities and this diversity is aptly reflected in the food and culture of China.

Hot Garlic Chicken

So while you may expect noodles and garlic chicken, you may be pleasantly surprised by Tibetan dumplings or char grilled beef from the Uighur Muslim populated regions.

People and Places

You can plan the ideal honeymoon in China. Newlywed couples can enjoy the scenic beauty of this great nation after settling down in exotic resorts. They can actually make a huge dent in their credit card by splurging on shopping and entertainment while exploring major cities such as Beijing.

Those of you who are unmarried couples could also make memories worth remembering by having your wedding on the Great Wall of China itself. For those of you not planning to visit the country with your spouse or partner, China also has plenty for a trip with your girlfriends or your best friends.

An all ladies trip could benefit from the shopping opportunities in Beijing city. A group of guys looking for adventure could indulge in a road trip across the expanse of the country. In short, China is a tourist’s delight for any kind of vacation trip abroad