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Best Destinations For Christmas

With the arrival of December, you see a splash of happiness all around you, a wintry chill in the atmosphere, and the excitement of Christmas in every household. This is the season of holiday, celebrations, and many traditional practices, as the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated in the entire world, with lots of interesting activities, one of which is traveling.

People make the most of their Christmas holidays, and plan out a vacation in a place, where the Christmas celebrations will be different from their own, and which will also give them a satisfaction of a holiday outing. So find out the best places to visit on Christmas, and make your Christmas holidays a delightful experience.

Most Popular Christmas Destinations

Rome, Italy

Rome, the city of ancient architecture, is a popular getaway during Christmas, when it literally  floats in the festivities of the day. The delicious food, family gatherings, and the midnight mass in the chapels, every part of Christmas in Rome, is a not-to-miss experience. The Vatican City, hosts the best mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, with all the other churches , illuminating in thousand splendid lights. The central plaza of the town, Piazza Navona, is the best hangout during the celebration of the Eve, with markets in their full splendor, restaurants catering to the guests , and people enjoying ice skating at various places. Christmas in Rome, is definitely a unique experience.
Las Vegas, US

It won’t be a surprise to find Vegas in the list, as the city of cabarets and casinos, definitely knows how to throw a grand Christmas party. The entire Nevada city  is lit up in bright lights, and various Christmas shows are the best part that Vegas has to offer. Be at the best places on your Christmas in Las Vegas, like the lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and watch the charm of the city of show biz on the Eve. Eat and drink in any of the restaurant and bar, the city keeps its joints open for the entire night.
London, UK

Christmas in London is a season of shopping, having entertaining activities like ice skating, meeting Santa on the streets with his gift bag on, and decorating huge Christmas trees. The main point of celebration here, will be the Trafalgar Square, where you would see the most splendid lightings, dazzling markets and streets and the giant decorated tree, gifted to London by Norway, every year. Eat the most delicious food and enjoy the best wines, while gathered at the square on the Eve, enjoying the night with all your loved ones. London is covered in snow during Christmas, but still is the most popular holiday destination during the festival.

Paris, France

One of the elitist and fashionable place in the world, Paris, is not to miss out during this festival. Christmas in Paris, is a time to party, splurge on the most expensive wine, food and celebrations and see everything, glittering in the superlative degree. Paris offers you a wonderful display of fireworks on the Eve, while the Cathedral at Notre Dame, with its huge decorated tree, also hosts the midnight mass. The Champs Elysees is the best plaza and market area during Christmas, while the ice skating at Eiffel Tower is another option.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian city, famous for its grand carnivals and gay lifestyle, is very popular during Christmas. This day again, the city arranges for amazing parades, shows, carnivalesque fun and glittering trees in the town. For the Eve’s midnight celebration, you need to be at the Rio’s Lagos, the lake of Rio, whose floating tree is the main attraction of the night. Christmas in Rio de Janeiro is a night full of music, dance, drinking and fun with all your loved ones. Do not miss out on this exclusive place on Christmas, and make some amazing memories.